Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Blog!

Welcome to the new WESTAND blog! This site will be updated regularly, so remember to check it periodically. We will be posting updates about all of our projects, but this blog will be especially useful for our Genocide Education Campaign at Middletown High School and Woodrow Wilson Middle School. Hopefully we wont be clogging up people's inboxes now.

Yesterday, I met with a second teacher at Woodrow Wilson. She was incredibly enthusiastic and eager to work with us. She was particularly excited about having the high school students attend her classes and work with her students. Tomorrow Josh, Cait, Gitsy, and I are conducting our first presentation at Middletown High School. We will be giving a short introduction to the genocide in Darfur, WESTAND, the AID grant, and we will end with a short video clip about Darfur.

We have a lot going on this semester: Invisible Children (2/18), Northern Uganda Lobby Day (2/24-2/26), April Music Festival, T-shirt fund raising project, call-ins, Genocide Education Campaign, and much more!

Let's keep up the good work!

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MHS student said...

hi! i would like to know if their is anything i could do to contribute to your group. i am a student in Mr. Charles' class and i would like to get involved in helping darfur.