Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mr. Marszalek's Class: Week 1 & 2

WESTAND starting teaching a new MHS class last week. We will be teaching this class three times a week: Monday, Thursday, and Friday. We have modified the structure of the genocide education unit to include seven core classes:

Day 1: Introduction to Darfur, film Voices from Darfur

Day 2: What is genocide?

Day 3: History of Darfur and Sudan

Day 4: Women and girls- rape as a tool of war

Day 5: Refugees and IDPs

Day 6: U.S., U.N., and international response

Day 7: What you can do

Cait, Aurora, Audrey, and I taught on days 1 and 2. This Thursday (day 2) we handed out a one page information sheet explaining the history of the term genocide and the UNCG. We asked students to circle and underline any key phrases or words that stood out to them. We then led a class discussion. We also brought a world map to class and had students indicate on the map where past genocides have occurred. We told the students to limit the genocides to genocides that have occurred after the UNCG. The students were shocked by the number of genocides that occurred in the second half the 20th century.

Yesterday, Cait, Sondi, Maher, and I discussed the history of Darfur and Sudan with the class (day 3). First, we gave the students a short quiz on Darfur and Sudan. We then divided up into three groups and had the students exchange quizzes. We went over the answers to the quiz. The students then discussed the History of Darfur and Sudan Worksheet.

Monday we will be focusing on rape and women's rights.

Here are some video clips from the last two weeks:

Video-Students were asked to tell either a family member or friend about the genocide in Darfur

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