Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mrs. Bailey's Class (Friday, 4/4/08)

On Friday, Gitsy, Josh, Erica and I went to Mrs. Bailey's class again. The purpose of this class was to continue to go over what they need to do in order to be prepared to present in front of the middle school and 9th grade students this Friday.

The "What is Genocide?" group is presenting first on Friday (4/11/08). They have a slideshow with images from past genocides, a hand out, a poster with more photos, and they plan on showing a short movie clip from Hotel Rwanda. Their presentation will also include an genocide web and one student will present the definition of genocide.

Half of the "History and Current Situation" group will present on this Friday also. This will include a poster and map activity showing the students where Sudan and Darfur are. Through a powerpoint, some students will also present on the history of the conflict. They also have a poster with a timeline of important events. The following Friday the rest of the group will present--this will include current events and more photos, both through a powerpoint.

On Friday, 4/11/08, the "What Can You Do?" group will pass out a survey that they want to the middle school and 9th graders to complete and bring back the following Friday (4/19/08). On this Friday, this group will make their presentation.

We are going into class on Wednesday to finalize all details of the presentations.

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